Saskatoon Soaring Club - Our Airfield
SSC Airfield and Club Hangar:

The club flies from the Cudworth Municipal Airport and owns the main hangar there.

 Cudworth Municipal Airport
This airport located 2 km east of Cudworth with access from grid road 777, has runways in a T configuration as shown in the photo and diagram.  It provides class G (uncontrolled) airspace for soaring.
 Club Hangar
The club owns the main hangar and approximately two acres of land at the airport.  The hangar dimensions are 54 by 48 ft., and this provides adequate hangar space for the club's two gliders and the towplane and other miscellaneous equipment.
 Airport Weather
Webcam looking towards the taxiway, updated every 5 minutes.
Postal Address: 510 Cynthia St, Saskatoon, SK, S7L 7K7       

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