Saskatoon Soaring Club - Our Aircraft
SSC Aircraft and Other Equipment:

The club owns a two-seat training glider, three solo gliders, a towplane, and a winch as shown below. Miscellaneous other equipment includes four glider trailers, a bus for ground operations, a golf cart for ground handling, two riding lawn-mowers, towropes, handheld radios, instructional material, etc.

 Super Blanik L-23 (C-GZIF)
This is a dual (two-seat) sailplane for initial training, member soaring, and cross-country instruction.   It is a medium performance glider with a 28:1 glide ratio, semi-retractable landing gear, and basic instruments.   This glider was purchased by the club in 2012.
 L-33 Solo (C-GKNG)
This single seat sailplane has a 33:1 glide ratio and offers increased performance for cross country and competition flying.   This glider was purchased by the club in 2002.

Note: Our L-33 Solo is displayed as the header photograph at the top of every webpage on this website.
  Schweizer SGS 1-26 (C-FJRF)
This golden oldie was purchased by the club in 2015. Despite its glide ratio of 23:1 it has shown itself to be a solid performer as it can go and stay up on weak thermic conditions

Although it may not be the highest performance aircraft it does have numerous diamond badges to its name!
  Schempp-Hirth Cirrus (C-FBMX)
This single seat sailplane is our highest performance aircraft yet, with a glide ratio of 44:1 enabling BMX and its pilot to go extended distances. It is fitted with an oxygen system and fully retractable landing gear.
Cessna 150-150 (C-GQOK)
The club towplane is a Cessna 150-150 retrofitted with a Horton STOL kit.  Qualified club members serve as tow pilots.  This towplane was purchased by the club in 1979.
The club winch has 5,000 ft. of cable and is occasionally set up for winch launching of the club gliders.
Flightline operations bus.
Postal Address: 510 Cynthia St, Saskatoon, SK, S7L 7K7       

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